Should I trust the new processor chip Apple M1 ?


You Should know the below facts : Intel Processors  have always the highest market share till mid 2017 , with 98%  of the world wide computers production. The Map starting to change in that time when intel was trying to combine between the Processor & the Graphic Cards . As when designing the architecture of[….]

Why Apple MacBook’s are always the best ?


There’s a lot to love about Apple’s computers when you try to ask about having a new portable laptop , the first & highest recommendation is going directly to Apple portable computers  “MacBook Series” But let’s see an important matter together ! Apple is competing the most famous Software Development company in the world “Microsoft”[….]

iOS 16 New Release Available September 2022

iOS 16

Apple which has the largest market value in the world, worth 3 trillion dollars the latest version is for iOS 16 Which will work on all modern Apple devices, from the iPhone 8 version to the latest version. Here is some information that might make you take a different look at this giant company: Total smartphones[….]

What makes Apple users special ??


The main distinction for iPhone holders remains the iOS operating system The latest Apple iOS Version 15.5 was released at the end of April 2022 Which guarantees all users complete security and ease of use. Always have all your data in complete safety with Apple. Privacy is that no one can spy on your phone,[….]

Meta Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Welcome to the Metaverse Since I tried the virtual world glasses Oculus Quest 2 Which was launched in the market and is constantly sold in our showrooms iTouch Stores since last year ; I was sure that a wonderful surprise awaits us, as you can hold objects with excessive control by using the Joysticks coming[….]