Why Apple MacBook’s are always the best ?


There’s a lot to love about Apple’s computers

when you try to ask about having a new portable laptop , the first & highest recommendation is going directly to Apple portable computers  “MacBook Series”

But let’s see an important matter together !

Apple is competing the most famous Software Development company in the world “Microsoft” in their Windows OS with their stable Operating System MacOS.

And Apple is competing all successful Hardware Providers Like (HP, Dell, Acer, Fujitsu, Samsung, Lenovo, … )

With their own Hardware production line.

To present the full solution based on their own Hardware & Software integration Technology.

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Many reasons let the Apple computers win

if U are an Apple user = U are unique 

  •  Design is always simple, durable & easy to be loved by any user.
  •  The light weight option
  •  Long lasting battery life


But let’s be more technically specific ; Why should I get a Mac ?


If you are an iPhone User , then you should have a Mac , to enjoy the life style offered by Apple™️ Co.


This life style offers a special version of integration, compatibility, continuity, security & more ..


All of these features turns around the Operating System MacOS.


Which has the luxury of easy to use, great interface, special shortcuts & always let you feel that u can control your projects in a special faster way.


If your are a Mac user & you can get the best out of it , either by collecting your data in a single drive partition , Spotlight search engine performance , multi-Touch gestures on the amazing Trackpad  So you are Fast and you can save time for creativity or analysis or even to finish your work early . On the other side ,


MacOS let you control all your media as a standard user in a totally different way.

As the performance & the integration between The Apple Hardware ( MacBook )  & The Apple Software ( MacOS )

Makes you scroll & choose between thousands of high resolution Pictures & even 4K Videos very Smoothly.

iTouch Stores - iTouch Stores Apple devices you will find all & accessories you need iPhone , iPad , MacBook , Apple watch or AirPods - iTouch is Your Apple Choice


 But there’s a bulk of unique features for professional users,

Like the exclusivity in the video editing Apps that work ONLY on apple devices like ( Final Cut , Motion , Color correction , .. )

Simply ; Cinema production Sector is based on apple platform .


Audio editing & composing professionally on Logic Pro App cannot be installed on any other platform unless MacOS.

For sure there’s many other apps compatible with Windows operating system; but this one features is very unique.


Apple also makes the most famous used apps like Adobe package (Photoshop , illustrator , InDesign , .. ) and Auto Desk apps (AutoCAD ) work very properly on their Mac computers platform.


When talking about Microsoft exchange suite , Word – Excel – PowerPoint – Outlook ; the license Microsoft Office for Mac package available with affordable price in Egypt ( sold @ iTouch Stores ), including all features.

And u still have the iWork package ( Pages , Numbers , Keynote ) which is fully compatible to be shared with windows users including very special themes & options.

Browsing internet on safari has a totally better experience than any other browser on PC.


But Regarding playing Games on a Mac,

That’s not the right choice .

For sure It’s possible to run games on a Mac, but PCs are generally considered better for hard-core gaming.

Apple achieved 75% of the market share of portable computers in the USA ??.


iTouch Stores here in Egypt located in Nasr City & new Cairo has an exclusive service , when buying a Mac ;

Beside the real 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects , you can get Unlimited access for after sales support including transfer all your old data & any application requested to be install for free on your new Mac.


You can order online & get your MacBook & pay later through any of our payment facility services.

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