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Oculus Quest 2

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Welcome to the Metaverse

Since I tried the virtual world glasses Oculus Quest 2

Which was launched in the market and is constantly sold in our showrooms iTouch Stores since last year ;

I was sure that a wonderful surprise awaits us, as you can hold objects with excessive control by using the Joysticks coming with the VR including the box.

The best thing is:

it’s a stand alone device that Auto-connect to the Internet without the need of a mobile phone or any extra device.


This Oculus Quest 2 contains 4 front cameras to see the real world through the screen while wearing, You must be sure that you are in a place with sufficient lighting to let the device detects the objects around you. 

For this reason, you must first draw your boundaries (frame) which is the safe area in your place of wearing the glasses so you don’t suffer any real damage or host any object like sofa , tv …

If you go out of these boundaries it’s automatically switch to real world view. 

And you have the choice : either to determine the place of movement, which is necessary in games, or stationary mode to sit in your place & to have fun watching a movie or browse and so on.

The sound that comes out of the built in speakers of the Oculus Quest 2 without using any headphones is very enough and makes you feel the Dolby Surround System technology.

As for the purity of the picture, a new level of clarity let you feel that the real world has faded colors and is not pure enough to enjoy life.

Like your home in the virtual world, it is decorated very professionally.

There are more than 1000 apps available to download through your Oculus store. More than 30% of them are for free to enjoy exploring the experience. 

When it comes to the games & entertainment they take you to another level of luxury and real interactions.

If you tried watching YouTube 360° degrees totally unique experience because it takes you to a trip in different countries, to have a walk in streets then to go restaurants , then watch the beauty of a sea or an ocean and then mountains heights .. 

There is more than thousands of clips designed to be watched on a VR system in a 360° virtual world.

when you try to watch Netflix

You will feel the luxury of the screen size and the changing of the light system before and during the selection of a movie or series until you decide on what you want to watch and then go directly to your Home cinema.

As for business, there is many applications for meetings to display the content on a shared screen between all attendees in an impressive way.

There’s many apps for design & creating a prototype projects that make you control everything.

If you try to explore your thoughts & ideas, you can arrange and connect all of them in bubbles for not missing any of them. 

When it comes to productivity , you can connect a real bluetooth keyboard to your VR to feel the writing in your common way. 

And of course, you can run up to 3 programs at the same time, such as the browser + Facebook + Instagram as multitasking.


@Meta  What’s next is going to be happened?