What makes Apple users special ??


The main distinction for iPhone holders remains the iOS operating system

The latest Apple iOS Version 15.5 was released at the end of April 2022
Which guarantees all users complete security and ease of use.
Always have all your data in complete safety with Apple.
Privacy is that no one can spy on your phone, or steal your data or photos.
As for the other safety, take a backup of all your iPhone files, including the Apps such as WhatsApp and others, By using software
You must take a personal copy on your personal device for free By using software like – iMazingiTunes
Or via an Apple computer, which takes a full backup of your device as soon as it is connected to the cable.
Or even wireless by arriving at your home, provided that the two devices are on the same network .
As for the luxury of taking a backup automatically Via iCloud, it’s available for free Only for five gigabytes.

In other words

if you want to take a backup copy of the names, notes and messages only Without taking pictures and videos you can use it for free on your free space
If you like, keep spoiling yourself, and take a copy of your phone, all including pictures and The video that is surely their area will be exceeded.

iTunes Gift Card

You have the following options:

  • You can charge an Apple iTunes Gift Card through iTouch Stores branches beginnings from $2, 10$, 15$, 25$ to 400$ In the category that suits you,
    And through these cards, you can subscribe to the additional space package that suits you.
  • only 1$ / month It gives you 50 GB of space on your iCloud account .
  • And if the information space on your device is more than that, you can subscribe to the $3 / monthly package The one who gives you 200 GB of space on your account.
  • The highest package is $10/month  You will exchange 2000 GB on your account, and this is more suitable For companies or people with multiple devices.


Buy these cards from iTouch Stores branches and pay with the Egyptian pound.
Or to choose the other, which is direct withdrawal from your credit cards.
Follow with us the latest news on iOS 16 that will be released before September 2022
And be unique and know all its features before downloading it to your device
And I also know that it will be useful to download it to your device or to sell it better.