Green Lion Ultra Series Guard Pro Case for Apple Watch 49mm

For the series of Apple Watches made of aluminum and stainless steel, which are more prone to scratches, a case is a necessity, and Green Lion’s Ultra Series Guard Pro Case is the best it can get.

This Apple Watch case offers the upgraded protection that your Apple Watch deserves. The screen of the Apple Watch is covered with a high-quality, anti-resistant tempered glass that is 9H in hardness.

The glass is not just durable; it still provides high transparency and a sensitive touch feeling that can detect even the lightest of contact.

The case itself is made out of shockproof TPU, which is the perfect go-to replacement for hard rubber. The combination of these two components completes a full-covering 3D curved design that protects your whole watch, including an explosion-proof function.

449 EGP

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