JCPal Preserver Tempered Glass Screen Protector – iPhone 13/iPhone 12

JCPal Glass Screen Protector is made with tempered glass and features a super hardened edge which provides exceptional protection against chips and cracks as well as scratches from keys, sand and other hard objects. The ultra-thin glass also features an anti-glare and fingerprint resistant treatment, keeping your screen clean and easy to see in brightly lit environments.

  • Super hardened edge treatment protects against chips and cracks
  • Made with ultra-tough tempered glass
  • 9H level scratch protection
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-glare treatment
  • Easy to install

599 EGP

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Super Hardened Edge

The Preserver tempered glass has been treated with a secondary hardening process on the glass edge to provide exceptional protection against edge chips and cracks.

Preserver Super Hardness Glass

Preserver Super Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector

9H Tempered Glass

The ultra-tough tempered glass has been hardened to a 9H level, providing the highest level scratch protection and effectively preventing scratches from sand, keys and other hard objects.

2.5D Curved Edge

The glass edges have been rounded using leading edge treatment technology, ensuring the glass won’t catch on other objects and peel easily or shatter.

2.5D Curved Edge
Easy bubble-free tempered glass installation

Easy Bubble-Free Installation

Using the latest in seamless bonding technology, the glass forces out trapped air as it adheres to the phone for effortless bubble-free installation.

Beautiful Clarity

The crystal clear Preserver has an exceptional light transmittance level, delivering all the brightness, colour and detail you expect from your iPhone.

Ultra-clear Tempered Glass

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