Mcdodo USB-C To Lightning 36WCable 1.8m Black

Connector Type Lightning
Cable Type USB-C and iP Lightning ports
Compatible Devices Works with all USB Type-C/Lightning devices
Special Feature Bright shell package, component layout, PD line power throughout the display

449 EGP

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  • 【USB-C to lightning cable Fast Charging】:Mcdodo Phone Charger USB-C to lightning cable, providing 36W output power, with Mcdodo PD Charger can provide 4 times faster charging speed for phone8-14 series, compared with 5W original charger, Mcdodo PD charger can greatly reduce more than one hour charging time.
  • 【Double-chip smart charging】: Equipped with self-developed MSC charging technology, built-in dual-core protection chip, which makes the phone fast and protects the battery at the same time. Say goodbye to empty power, automatically detect the power of the mobile phone and charge it after 2 hours of power failure, and the power will last longer. Smart power-off technology protects the phone battery from the inside out, preventing battery loss and aging caused by overcharging.
  • 【Cyber-transparent】: It adopts a transparent warehouse design, transparent shell packaging, component layout, and PD cable power display throughout the process. The charging speed is safe and visible, and the cyberpunk-style interior is full of technology.(Please note: The LED shows the PD fast charging power of the power source you are connected to, not the percentage of your phone’s power.)
  • 【Two-color nylon weave】: Mcdodo USB-C to Lightning cable is covered with two-color nylon weave, which is tough and strong, with SR upgrade design, which can be folded continuously, durable in use, and convenient for storage. At the same time, the copper core wire is thickened to improve the conductivity, optimize the resistance, reduce the loss and charge quickly.
  • 【No pop-up window, all series support PD fast charging】: There will be no pop-up warning message, charging and transmission are carried out synchronously, and it supports full-speed PD36W high-power fast charging such as phone14 series-8 series, pad series, and airpods pro. Two length versions are available (6ft-4ft). Please confirm that you are buying the correct version before purchasing. The two lengths can be filled as you like.